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Why We Shouldn't Blame God

Why You Shouldn't Blame God

Hello readers of Today i will be writing a brief explanation on why you shouldn't blame God for everything that has happened or everything that is currently happening in the world.

God is a merciful God! He made earth, we made countries.

God gave us a brain to think and a heart to love but what did we do?

-We made guns, explosives and other dangerous ammunitions.

-We made prison

-We kill/hate Each other

-Countries fight when we are meant to be one


  Think about these:

-What if guns don't exist?

-What if the world is just one without countries? 

(All humans will bring their talent in developing the world instead of having some countries developed and some suffering)

-What if we love and care for even people we don't know?

-What if prison doesn't exist?

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 That is whenever anyone is caught stealing his hand should be cut off and whenever the same person repeats the act, his other hand should be cut off.

Whenever someone owes you and he is refusing to pay; he should be given enough time to source for the property he is owing, and if the person is refusing to pay his property should be sold out to pay without jailing him/her.

If this is how the world is how do you think this life will look like??

Will it be more better or worst?

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Kresh delete

I like this write up @ Al-amin Usman it really inspired me. I go for better

Amir delete

Eeei! This 1 weak me. I go for 50% better 50% worst. Because the population will be too much

Anonymous delete

I go for better. If the population is too much then we should have many states in the country. Kudos to you i will always love you (Al amin usman)

@ anonymous. You've been commenting on my blog with an anonymous profile and i really will like to know you. Kindly message me on whatsapp "08034700158" lets get to know each othet

Stunner delete

Its funny to imagine though

The white girls and everything. It will be fun bro i will love life that way. I go for better

Mr b delete


1 president ruling the whole world


G-boy delete

There will be war bro. What if the president is planning to allow things like homosexual marriage or lesbian marriage, you see the people won't agree and there will be war. But its a nice idea though

A j delete

The part where you said all humans should contribute their talent to develop the world really inspired me, i go for better

Gentle g delete

What about the mighty oceans from one country to another?


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