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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 6

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 6

Me: I am enjoying the way you behave. You ghat me wondering

Maryam: Emm! Uhmmm!! If you seem interested in me why don’t we have fun so you'll forgive me

Me: What that fuck!! Funny! Very funny.!!! Do I look like sale?

Maryam: I’m sorry please

Me: Even if I am interested you I can get you without having a deal with you

Maryam: Please I am sorry please, don’t hurt me

Me: I want you to refund this guy’s money now

Sale: yes, return my money and come to me

Me: shut up!! Is it by force to love? If you want your marriage to take place tomorrow I want you to go to the bank first thing tomorrow morning, and transfer sale's money back to him. Failure to the so!! My action shall tell

Maryam: The money is not with me, it is with my fiancée

Sale: What??? You gave my money to your fiancée

Me: Shut up!! Are you not the same with her??? Call your fiancée now and tell him you need your money. Don’t tell him about me. . . understood???

Maryam: Okay!! I’ll do just that. But he is a soldier and he has a very high rank

Me: Wow!! This is good. Infact I want you to call him now in my presence

Maryam: What if he refuses to give it to me?

Sale: He must

Me: He’ll know

   Maryam called her fiancée. . .

Soldier: Hello sweety, what’s up?

Maryam: I’m doing good o. I want a favour from you

Me: What favour? Is it his money?

Maryam: I want you to return to me the money I gave to you?

Soldier: I thought we have already made a decision on how the money will be spent

Me: Somebody’s money?

Sale: Don’t mind them

Me: Shut up!! Who is more stupid here? Are you not the one?  At least the person she gave the money to is willing to marry her; Unlike you that was dumped.

Soldier: What is happening there?

Maryam: It’s the real owner of the money. He needs his money back so I want to give it back to him

Soldier: Wow! So at this time of the night you are with him? You think I am a fool? I should give you the money so that you’ll go back to him right?? So you’ve changed your mind towards me?

Maryam: No, that’s not it. Tomorrow is our wedding, for safety purpose let’s just give him back his money

Soldier: No we will not. So you will go back to him right?

Maryam: What if we give the money back to him after the wedding?

Soldier: I am sorry, we will not. Good bye

*Soldier ended the call*

Me: Wow. So things like this happen in this country?

Sale: Yes o, corruption everywhere

Me: Shut up! You are the most corrupt and stupid one here

Sale: Why have you been saying this to me since? It was a mistake

Maryam: *Laughed*

Me: You are laughing? Do you know the kind of problem I can get you into? You better make sure he refunds that money, or else expect me tomorrow @ your wedding.

 I walked out from the room like a normal person. On my way out something came to my mind, "Sale might be trying to do something to maryam" I thought to myself. I went back to the room and saw Sale trying to force himself on maryam.

“Amazing” I said.

Maryam: Thank God you are here

Me: What’s the point? Is that not the real reason why you came here? So why are you rejecting him

Sale: I don’t know for her. I love her for real but she is rejecting me, please make her to become mine

Me: Sale! If you think I’m who you can play with you are wrong. First, you killed your dad! You asked me to help you get your money from this devil, I decided to help you and I caught you trying to have fun with her! Now again you are trying to rape her. Really? You are finished

  I held Sale and took him to jhaazmeen.

Me: This is where I’ll give you your punishment before I deal with the others tomorrow

Sale: Where are we?

Me: You will know sooner. You life is in your hands, look down! What do you see?

Sale: Wild animals? Younger please I am sorry

Me: When kong makes his decision it is final. By the way these are just monkeys and little gorillas. I don’t make promises, but believe me they won’t harm you if you run for your life

Sale: How can I run from them? They are much and just look at their red angry eyes?

Me: That’s your punishment.

I held Sale and was floating down with him slowly. He was very frightened and was trying to beg me but I had to punish him. It was a great shock to him. He never believed something like that could ever happen to him. He was looking straight int my eyes in shock. All I did was smile and look straight into his eyes too. . .

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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