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  • The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 7

    The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 7
     I held Sale and was floating down with him slowly. He was very frightened and was trying to beg me but I had to punish him. It was a great shock to him. He never believed something like that could ever happen to him. He was looking straight into my eyes in shock. All I did was smile and look straight into his eyes too. . .

    Sale: I thought you don’t kill

    Me: If you don’t run for your life, you won’t die but you will get bruised. By the way, your life is in your hands, if you die! You are the cause of your death and not me.

    Sale: Look at where you are taking me to

      Finally we got to the ground but Sale held me tight, pleading for my rescue. The animals were just staring at us. They couldn’t come to close to him because of my presence. I decided to disappear from dino and re-appear on top of a tree.

     In seconds the animal started running in full speed to Sale’s location

    I saw him running in full speed like a mad man, screaming my name, Kong!

    Although he is kinda smart, he climb up to a tree but the animals didn’t climb. I decided to go to him

    Me: You climb a tree to keep yourself from monkeys? Tree? Where they live???

    Sale: *Breathing Heavily* Please help me younger, don’t allow them to climb. Try to understand me now, I love maryam a lot kong. I swear I’m not a bad person; I didn’t have the intention to kill my dad! I only wanted some money to get married to maryam. I’m a man and I am meant to have affection for a women, please kong understand

    Me: So why did you try to force yourself on her?

    Sale: Come on, someone that duped me of 43 million naira what do you expect of me? Do you know how painful it is? Try to understand please

    Me: You still deserve to be punished

    Sale: But not like this now. In the forest! It’s too much kong, I am very sorry

    Me: ok

        I took sale back home and instructed him to attend the wedding.

    Me: I am going to start a new plan with you! This time if you try to do anything negotiable with maryam, I’m going to dump you in jhaazmeen for weeks

    Sale: Younger! Trust me!! This time I won’t

    Me: Me! Trust you? I want you to call her and tell her I’m not longer attending the wedding to destroy it

    Sale: But hope you are coming? I can’t bear to see her getting married

    Me: Of course yes. Are you interested in getting married to maryam or getting back your money and apologise to your mom?

    Sale: Both

    Me: So after what she did to you you still want her back?

    Sale: kong! I love her

    Me: That’s your problem

       The next day, I changed to my normal self without mask! Not as kong, but as Al-amin.

     I attended the wedding and was bouncing with my gangster dressing, black-black.

    I didn’t know who the groom was so I asked someone. He was on agbada.

    Whenever I’m off mask I don’t do magic to avoid exposing my identity. But I always forget about that unless I have gotten myself into trouble. . .

    I walk straight to the groom, checking my head to the song that was playing.

    Me: High Chief General! (I said it in a singing tone, following the song that was playing in the party. I was enjoying the song! So it made act a little stupid)

    Soldier: Welcome

    Me: High Chief General!! (in a singing tone)

    Soldier: Are you okay

    Me: High Chief General!

      He slapped me very bad. That was when I remembered I’m off mask so I can’t expose my power. But no! I had to revenge!! I slapped him to, very hot one! Hotter than his;

    Wow! Everybody in the wedding was staring at our location

    Soldier: Wow! You messed with the run person

       I saw soldiers coming towards me. Wow! That was when I remembered I’m off mask. The only thing I have to do is to run to avoid exposing my powers.

    I began to run, looking for the nearest exit. A very surprising thing happened. The very devil herself, maryam was in the other end! When she saw that I’m being chased by the soldiers she immediately locked the door and stood in front of it.

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    Author: Al-amin Usman

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