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What Is Haram (Sin)?

What Is Haram (Sin)?

What is Haram? (Sin)

- Killing Is HARAM

- Stealing is HARAM

- Fighting is HARAM

- Lying is HARAM

- Insulting is HARAM

- Deceiving is HARAM

- Premarital sex is HARAM

- Dancing on a normal day is HARAM

What is haram? (Sin)

- Not praying 5 times daily is HARAM

- Talking bad behind someone’s back is HARAM

- Celebrating birthday party is HARAM

- Listening to music or dancing is HARAM

- Adding interest on loan is HARAM

- Taking a loan from the bank and paying back with interest is HARAM

- Buying airtime from your specified line on credit and paying back with interest is HARAM

What is haram? (Sin)

- Cheating! Such as eating someone’s wealth or money is HARAM

- Clubbing! Such as going to Night parties and doing all sort of rubbish with opposite sex is HARAM

- Drinking! Such as taking Alcoholic drinks is HARAM

- Quarrelling! Keeping malice for more than 3 days is HARAM

- MOCKING! Such as making fun of someone or talking bad about someone with or without his/her presence is HARAM

- Kidnapping! Holding someone, requesting for a sum of money from his/her guardian is HARAM

- Abortion! Getting rid of a pregnancy whether as a doctor or a woman is HARAM

What is haram? (Sin)

- Making promise or promises and not fulfilling them is HARAM

- Making attempt to ruin someone is HARAM

- Making Conspiracy is HARAM

- Making things up to deceive someone or people is HARAM

- Visiting a native doctor is HARAM

What is haram? (Sin)

- Using someone’s property without the person’s permission is HARAM

- Entering someone’s house without saying Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabaraka’atu (Peace be upon you) is HARAM

- Visiting someone’s house, knocking more than 3 times without an answer is HARAM. If you don’t receive a response after knocking and saying Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabaraka’atu 3 times, you are meant to just leave.

- Exposing someone’s secret is HARAM. Yours shall be exposed someday

- Spying on someone is HARAM

- Making use of someone (Using a person for your own benefit without the person’s knowledge) is HARAM

What is haram? (Sin)

- Laying your hands on your wife is HARAM

- Disrespecting your husband is HARAM

- Going out without your husband’s permission is HARAM. (For every step you take you are been cursed by the stones you step on)

- Disrespecting your parent is HARAM

- Exposing your body (female) is HARAM

- Exchanging your property with someone else’s property that is much more better than yours without the person’s knowledge / permission is HARAM

- Embarrassing your fellow human being is HARAM

- Watching pornographic movie is HARAM. You are most likely to go blind

- Displaying your nakedness to someone that is not your spouse is HARAM

- Exchanging nudes online is HARAM

LASTLY!! The real definition of HARAM (SIN)

HARAM is any act that is forbidden by ALLAH (GOD).



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