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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 8

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 8
I began to run, looking for the nearest exit. A very surprising thing happened. The devil herself, “maryam” was on the other end! When she saw that I’m being chased by the soldiers she immediately locked the door and stood in front of it.

Me: *Laughed* Women!! Are you this heartless?

Maryam: Meaning what? Who are you and what are you doing here?

Me: To destroy your wedding

Maryam: Really? What for?

Me: “I almost exposed myself, I thought to mysef.” With what I just did to your husband I don’t think your marriage will take place

Maryam: Oh no! My marriage will surely take place and you will be dealt with. And to me it’s an entertainment to the guests

Me: “This girl is a real devil, I thought to myself” I can take them out and still take you away

Maryam: *Laughed* you don’t know what you have gotten yourself into! You are supposed to be begging me to save you. The man you just slapped is a soldier, and not just an ordinary soldier, do you know his rank?

Me: *Hahaha* he is a soldier does it mean he should slap me?

   The soldiers were behind me listening to the conversation

Maryam: What happened? What were you even doing in the groom’s table?

Me: I went to greet

Maryam: Do you know him?

Me: No

Maryam: *Laughed* I can see you are mad. You went to greet a groom you don’t know and now you are saying you want to take out all these soldiers.
  “This man is mad, I don’t think he’s a okay! Maryam said.”

Groom: Soldiers!! Hold him; bring him here

 They headed towards my destination. I started cracking my knuckles!! “I might not be able to use magic, but I still have my physical powers with me! I thought to myself.

Maryam: *Laughed* This guy is mad. I think we should just let him go

Groom: Never!! Soldiers!!! I said bring him here..

They headed towards my location to get me. I took them down in seconds. Maryam’s husband is a brave strong man who is not even scared of death. He went out! I didn’t know he went into his car to get a gun.

Maryam: You better run now you have the chance

Me: Run? I was already running when you blocked my way. Now your husband is scared and you want me to run?

Maryam: Woa! You are wrong.

  I saw her husband coming to my destination. He went out to remove his agbada and get a long rod and gun from his car.

Me: “If this man shoots me and I use my powers to avoid the bullet I’ll be exposed, and if I don’t avoid the bullet I’ll be dead!! I better run, I thought to myself”

  I placed maryam on my shoulder, open the door and began running. The groom and the other soldiers I took down were all chasing me. I was running in full speed with my powers, even maryam was shocked. The other soldiers were not getting closer to me so they gave up chasing me and went to look for cars. The groom didn’t give up. “This man is a machine, I said to myself”

Maryam: Indeed he is a machine. Where are you taking me to? Drop me down. 

  Maryam was hitting me to drop her down

Me: He is a machine and you want to marry him?

Maryam: Are you mad?? Of course you are mad. Now I get, you were sent by sale to destroy my marriage.

Me: “where was sale all this while? I thought to myself” Who is sale?

Maryam: For your information! My husband ordered for his kidnap as soon as he got to the wedding

  When I heard that; I stopped running. In anger, I placed maryam down and was about turning back when the groom hit me very hard with a rod. I fainted!!

  I woke up and found myself tied up in a room with sale. I was shocked!! And I started laughing.

Sale: Who are you?

Me: Mehn! Nigeria is a great nation. Just look at where I am? A whole me

Sale: Who are you?

Me: “I have been wanted in hong kong since when I was born but I was never caught, but when I came to Nigeria in 3 days I was caught! I thought to myself” What is the time?

Sale: I don’t know

Me: For how many hours have I been here?

Sale: For more than 4 hours

Me: So the marriage took place

Sale: Who are you? And why do you want to stop the marriage?

 “I am a maryam’s crush” I said to sale to avoid been exposed

Maryam: wow! Really?

Groom: This guy you are finished.

  I was beaten up that I fainted again!! All in the sake that I didn’t want to expose myself.

Few hours later I was awake but my eyes closed. I heard maryam, her husband and sale discussing.

Maryam: You think I don’t know? Because you tried to rape me Kong abandoned you. Then you decided to use scope to tell me that you told kong not to stop the wedding again

Sale: That is not it

Maryam: That is it. Then you sent this man lying over here to kidnap me, but unfortunately it turned back to you guys.

Sale: *Laughed* I don’t even know this man

Soldier: If you lie again!! I’ll deal with you. Who is this kong? He could have tried to stop the marriage now!! He would have known the kind of stuff I’m made of. He’s lucky he left you.

  “I need to leave this place and come back as kong to end all this, I thought to myself.

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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