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How To Identify a Cheap And A Classy Lady

How To Identify a Cheap And A Classy Lady

- A Cheap Lady & A Classy Lady!

- Do you think we have cheap guys too? Well that's not what we are talking about now!

    Some ladies try not to be cheap, but in the process it makes them stupid. How?

- Some ladies will never call their man or male friend (They always want to be called first)

- Some ladies will never text their man or male friend on social media or normal phone text message (They always want to be texted first)

- Some ladies will see a male friend on the road and just pretend as if they didn't see the person (Waiting for the guy to say hy first)

- Some ladies just want to reply and want guys to do all the chatting. Which is very bored because the guy has to be thinking of things to say in which for sure, he will surely get tired of thinking and just end the chat with "okay." 

- Some ladies want to be begged and disturbed by guys and that's why some avoid real high class guys who don't beg and disturb them.

- Some ladies; you will ask them out, for them to say yes is another problem even though they like you. It will take them months to finally give in and admit they like you too. During this process, some guys might have given up on the lady because it's kinda embarrassing at times to be letting a guy down in the name of maturity or high class lady.

  Ladies, doing all these doesn't make you girls classy! It only make guys to get tired and eventually quit the friendship or relationship. . .    
 CHEAP LADIES                                                                   CLASSY LADIES
They Beg In Public
 They Don't Beg In Public
They Talk Much
 They Don't Talk Much
They Laugh Anyhow
 They Don't Easily Laugh
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 Add yours

                     HOW TO IDENTIFY A CHEAP LADY

  Bad guys go for cheap ladies just to catch some fun! They use and dump them, they are the type of ladies who get pregnant at their early age.


1. They Beg: Cheap ladies have no shame in them. They can see a guy they know buying something on the road, maybe ice cream! and run towards the guy laughing endlessly, hitting the guy asking him to buy for them. Cheap ladies do that in public with people looking at them without feeling a penny of shyness in them.

2. They Ask Guys Out: Most ladies once they see a guy they like, they walk to him asking him for his contact. Some beg guys on social media to date them, telling the guy how much they love him.

3. They Love Partying: Cheap ladies are found in all occasions. They can't afford to miss any party they come across whether they are invited or not. They are always looking for somewhere to go to, and they always want to mingle with guys.

4. Disrespectful: Any lady that is disrespectful is cheap to me! Ladies are meant to be respectful to their elders, parent and husband no matter what the situation is. Its hard for guys to abuse or maltreat a respectful lady, but it often happens.

5. They Post Anyhow On Social Media: Cheap ladies are those ladies who take pictures of their waist and behind, bending their legs! facing their behind to the camera and eventually posting the pictures on social media. They are the type of ladies who don't try to attract guys with their character and beauty, but they try to attract guys with their body. Some even go to the extent of facing the wall, raising their 1 leg up and taking different pictures of their behind. . . And later post on social media in the name of getting likes and comments. The most annoying part is when guys comment things like " nice position" or "nice picture" instead of cautioning them. 

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  Classy ladies are those type of ladies a guy will look at in amazement. They are those type of ladies that give joy to guys! They are sweet, simple, romantic, respectful and amazing. They are the type of ladies that real men will look at, feel pleasure in their heart and smile shaking their head! Saying to themselves "This is a real woman"

 Ladies, if different guys look at you often and just smile, just know you are amazing, classy and not cheap.


1. They Have Just One BoyFriend: They don't have time for guys, they only have time for that one guy who they see as their future husband, the guy whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives with.

2. They Dress Descent: Classy ladies dress descent and they smell nice. They brag with their dressing even though their whole body is covered. They feel very shy to wear short dress in front of guys! No, they just cant. . . That's how they are.
3. They Know How To Talk: Classy ladies are those type of ladies you will want to spend time with. They talk about amazing things that will add to your knowledge, unlike cheap girls that always talk about party, flexing and money. 

4. They Can't Be Snatched Away: It's very hard to snatch a classy lady from her boy friend. The only way she can't be snatched is when her boy friend doesn't value her! Maybe she thinks her boy friend isn't really going to marry her or her boy friend is cheating on her or abusing her. A Classy lady will never cheat on her man if she is sure her man really loves her and wants to marry her.

5. They Don't Post Anyhow On Social Media: Classy ladies! even if they want to post a picture of themselves on social  media, they post with sense, their body is well covered. They are the type of ladies men who are ready for marriage look for on social media.

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