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    Explosion In Kaduna

    Explosion In Kaduna

    Katsina Post reports that the terrorist leader in the southern Katsina state, Alhaji Idris Miyaya, said the robbers were suffering from blood transfusions in the area. 

    The explosion leader said this during a dialogue with journalist People's Daily shortly after the peace and peace talks of Dungun Mu'azu, Local Government Area of ​​Sabuwa State, Katsina State. 

    The meeting, held at Dankolo's campus camp, was attended by local leaders and commander of Dandume Local Government Area, Alhaji Lawal Tsoho Albasu. "We realize that our war is meaningless.

     It is a war that breaks the ties between us and the other people in this area. And the fact is that we can not live independently, "the president said. As a result, Idris Miyaya has forced farmers to return to their fields. "We will make a treaty with the members of the regional government who will not attack us or attack us or our families," he said. 

    According to his speech, robbers are ready to start negotiating with the government.

    He further added that there were no unilateral organizations in the negotiations that the Katsina government had prepared for them in the past. In order to achieve lasting peace in the region, the president urged the government to release two of them, Alhaji Lawaq Baldu and Alhaji Ibrahim Nakutama, who were locked more than two years ago.

    Author: Al-amin Usman