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MEN/WOMEN: Natural Steps To Treat Bald Hair within 7 Days With Onions

MEN/WOMEN: Natural Steps To Treat Bald Hair within 7 Days With Onions


Do you have a bald hair? A very bad one i think?

Well, if you are reading this post i'm sure you do have a bald hair and probably your friends or girl friends do mock you about it. . .

The solution to your problem is right here on this post, make sure you read to the end!!!

First if all, what is the cause of bald hair?

Almost all hair loss in guys results from male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait that comes from your parents. Other causes include certain medications, too much vitamin A, or not enough protein. Illness or stress can lead to sudden, heavy shedding called telogen effluvium. Good news, though: Hair loss that isn’t from male-pattern baldness often reverses itself.

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-patternbaldness or female-pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually with aging and in predictable patterns.

Everyone loses hair all the time, maybe up to 100 strands a day. They fall out, then grow back in, and the cycle starts over again. But eventually, most guys will start to notice that they’re losing more than before -- and it’s not growing back.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

When your locks fall out suddenly, instead of gradually thinning over time, it’s usually from something other than male pattern baldness. Other causes include:
Diseases like anemia or a thyroid problem
Radiation or chemotherapy treatments
Medications, such as blood thinners, high doses of vitamin A, and steroids that some men take to help build muscle, called anabolic steroids
Scalp infections
Problems with your diet, like getting too little iron or too much vitamin A
Keeping hairstyles like tight ponytails, cornrows, or braids for many years
Now i.m going to show you the steps on how to treat bald hair within 7 days. . .

Can balding hair grow back?

Eventually, it takes longer for hair to grow back. Then, the follicles will shrink so that no hair grows at all. Other types of hair loss tend to happen faster than male pattern baldness. Spot baldness, or alopecia areata, makes your hair fall out in smooth, round patches, but it usually grows back.

How to regrow a bald hair?

To help thicken and regrow your thinning / bald hair, try apple cider vinegar. Its alpha-hydroxy acids dissolve oil buildup on the scalp and in pores, while its acetic acid stimulates blood flow to follicles to encourage growth.


1. Stinky But Effective: Onion

How to use:

Cut onions in half and rub the open side on the affected area.
Grate onion and squeeze out its juice. To this add little honey and mix well. Dip a cotton ball and apply this mixture to the scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and wash well with a mild shampoo.

2. The Humble Indian Gooseberry: Amla

dandruff is the main cause behind hair fall so if you want to get rid of excess hair fall, first get rid of dandruff.

How to use:

Get some fresh amla and dry them in sunlight.

After that, cut the dry pieces and boil it in good coconut oil till the amla pieces do not become charred.

Let the mixture cool and strain and keep it in an airtight bottle. 
Apply this oil to your head every alternate day.

3. Aloe vera

How to use:

Take a small aloe vera stem and take out the pulp.

Now apply this pulp directly on the scalp.

Massage and keep it on for 30 min.

Rinse as usual. 

-Repeat thrice a week.

4. Oil Massage

How to use:

Regular massage with effective oils such as castor, olive, coconut will promote hair growth.

The most effective of all is coconut oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice.

5. The King of Herbs: Bhringraj

How to use:

Blend the leaves with some water to get a smooth paste.

If you cannot find Bhrinjraj leaves, buy some dried Bhringraj powder from any herbal store, mix with little water and curd to form a paste.

Apply the paste to the scalp and leave it for 20 min.

Wash off with shampoo. Do this thrice a week.

6. Add Some Flavor: Curry Leaves

How to use:

Take a handful of curry leaves and boil it in a mixture of amla and coconut oil till the leaves turn black.

Cool the mixture, strain and store it in an airtight container.

Apply this every alternate day and see the results.

7. More Than a Condiment: Methi

How to use:

Grind a handful of Methi seeds to get a fine powder.

Mix it with water to form a paste.

Apply this to your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash it properly with shampoo as the paste might be slimy and sticky onto your hair.

8. Flower Power: Hibiscus

How to use:

Take 3–4 tbsp Coconut oil in a pan.

Add 2–3 hibiscus flowers or 4–5 leaves to the oil.

Heat for 5–6 minutes.

Cool and strain the oil in a bottle.

Massage well with hibiscus-infused oil and keep for an hour before washing off with a shampoo.

Some more quick tips:

Take a diet rich in iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A. Have more of leafy greens, beetroot, carrots, dates, nuts, beans, whole grains, lentils, eggs and fish.

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

Less stress.

Massage your scalp well while taking a shower as this improves blood flow to the scalp thus helping in hair regrowth.

Cut down on the use of hair dryers, iron as well as hair coloring.

Take biotin supplements.

Finally, if you are suffering from severe hair fall and fear it might bring you at the forefront of going bald, consult a good doctor to find out any underlying health issue as hair loss cause can be multifactorial and treatment varies based on sex, age and diagnosis of medical conditions.

Remember all the aforementioned natural remedies are helpful in controlling hair loss and eventually baldness, but you need to follow them on a regular basis with patience. Also, the results vary from person to person depending on the reason for hair loss. You cannot get back your lost strands if you have are completely bald but yes by following these simple hair growth remedies you can certainly avoid severe hair loss and ultimately baldness.

Hope this helps.

Author: Al-amin Usman

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