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SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE: Why Many People Go Back To Their Ex

SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE: Why Many People Go Back To Their Ex

MAP 1: Sex before marriage
MAP 2: Why Many People Go Back To Their Ex

MAP 1: Sex before marriage ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡

There are more disadvantages of having sex before marriage. The only advantage of having sex before marriage is the fun (often less than 30 minutes). 

- Do you know that when you have sex with someone you are not married to you lose your blessings?
- Do you know that sex brings unwanted pregnancy?
- Do you know that you can get addicted to sex?
- Do you know that there are organs in your body pushing you to have sex?
- Do you know that you have a control to those organs?
- Do you know that you can use your brain and knowledge to control those organs?


THE BRAIN: If you use your brain to understand that sex is just like money, sex is just like food, it comes and go, but the effects and disadvantages stay for long and often permanent.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowing sex before marriage is a sin, knowing sex before marriage will take away your blessing, knowing sex before marriage is forbidden by GOD will help you stay away from it

Is GOD ordinary? Think about all the things he has done for you. . . Why should you displease him? Even the health you are using to have sex before marriage was given to you by GOD ALMIGHTY. He stopped us from having sex before marriage not because he doesn't want us to have fun, but because he knows best, he knows the effects, the disadvantages e.t.c

Please take these advices. . . ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Do not have sex with anyone before marriage. You will keep going back to them whether you are engaged, happily married or not. This is called SOUL-TIE. Sex ties your soul to your sexual partners!

2. Every relationships has challenges whether it is God's will or not. If it is destined to work it can still have greater challenge so if you have issues with genotype, your parents are fighting against your marriage or unexplainable factors, instead of abandoning your partner and jumping into another relationship, fight your battles in prayer!

If you run from relationships because you are afraid, how will you handle your challenges when you get married to someone? No one is free from challenges, you must learn to overcome them and deal with them!

3. If your ex is not destined to be yours, no matter all the fun and sex you have, your marriage with them wont work!

4. Love is more than feelings! Sometimes what you have for them is high chemistry, infatuation and lust! in Love you face reality and you must learn to act right. Learn to face reality and end a relationship that needs to be ended.

Once you have ended your relationship with your ex. do not go back if its not leading to marriage! You will regret it!

If you must go back then end your current relationship with your fiance / fiancee (If you think its not going to lead to marriage) and go back to your ex if its leading to marriage.

MAP 2: Why Many People Go Back To Their Ex ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Emotional feeling is powerful!

Strong erotic vibes can alter the logical side of the brain. Passionate sex can damage one's thinking faculty and feelings of love. Yes; love can make one do stupid things. That is what a lot feel for their lovers before leaving them voluntarily or involuntarily for someone else.

Why do you think many people go back to their ex or intend to do so?

They had passionate sex.

They were best friends

They had a very strong and great vibes

4. They had high sexual chemistry

 They had super deep connection

2. They've had covenants.

1. They've helped each other financially, academically, socially and other ways and promised to marry each other, and then something disastrous happened.


Are you wondering what could have happened???

5. They were both A.S

4. Parents reject one of them

3. One got someone pregnant or cheated on them

2. Strong spiritual battles

1. They discovered thy were not God's will


Probably in future, they jump into a new relationship and discover it is boring, no connection, no vibes, no intimacy, no fun, no communication, no care, no love etc.

   At the same time, they miss their ex and feel so trapped in the current relationship, yet they want fun so they sneak back to the ex. Feelings explode due to long absence, emotions spark, past passionate sex! Both become sober afterwards, feel guilty; and when it is time to confess. the lady lies to her fiance. Says she was raped by her ex. The man will also say he was seduced.

This madness can't only be avoided if we use our senses and follow the word of God.

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