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Why Women Get Attracted To Bad Boys

Why Women Get Attracted To Bad Boys

    In our society today, the majority of women don’t go for the perceived good men but get attracted by guys with a seemingly bad personality. Scientific research has established the fact that bad boys are seductive and irresistible, although women claim to look for the good guys but get more attracted to the bad guys.

    There’s an uncommon saying that the goodhearted men are usually unsuccessful in the end, or that good guys are always last. However, could this be the reason women get easily attracted to bad boys or there may be something wrong in the women’s gene? We’ll discuss some reasons perceived to be the cause in the next paragraph.

The Need to Have Babies

    Women finding themselves attracted to bad boys could be as a result of their inward desire to have babies. Studies show that women perceive men that are handsome and impulsive to be more attractive than the calm and cool headed ones, especially if they are in their ovulation period.

    It is also believed by some women that men with the typical bad boy attitude and boldness with dominant male characteristics will make good fathers and caretakers for their unborn kids. But these kinds of men are usually unwilling to be committed for long because, at a particular point in time, these bad characteristics will always surface, and often leads to a lot of heartbreaks.

     Short Term Relationships

    At times, many women feel that they don’t need to keep a long lasting relationship (which they believe the good guys will be committed to) some due to the fear of getting hurt along the line, so they’d instead go with the bad boys knowing quite fully well that their time together will be short-lived. Although, dating these types of underachieving boys is actually sabotaging any chance of getting into a serious relationship and settling down at a later time. Deliberately picking men that you know are wrong for you may indeed prevent you from getting heartbreaks, or being stressed, but it may also prevent you from connecting with the right man for you.

     Confidence Booster
    Women also patronize the bad boys because they have lost confidence in themselves; they have low self-esteem and settle for any type of man that comes their way. Also, the level of confidence these men showcase in whatever they do makes them more attractive to women; studies have shown that people feel good about people with high self-esteem, and a typical bad boy trait helps him look more attractive to women.

    So, there you have it. Some of the major reasons the girl you love may have more interest in the bad boy, instead of you.

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Video of the day. . .👇
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