THERAPY Effects of Masturbation to Human Health: Male & Female - THERAPY Effects of Masturbation to Human Health: Male & Female - THERAPY


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Effects of Masturbation to Human Health: Male & Female

Effects of Masturbation to Human Health: Male & Female

Effects of Masturbation to Human Health: Male & Female

As far as I know, masturbation Is not a good thing even though some doctors say it's healthy.

In Islam, according to my research and what I heard! Those who masturbate will be punished on judgement day.

One of the punishment include;

YOUR HANDS GETTING PREGNANT: If you masturbate and you are not willing to stop, you should be ready to get a pregnant hand on judgement day

If you are finding it hard to stop masturbating, you can contact us for a Therapy Session; and we might be able to help you.

    Let's move to the main issue.


There are so many effects of masturbation, and I'll try to list as much as possible.


1. HEALTH: Masturbation causes pimples, waist pain, weakness, it makes you not to be able to last long in bed. Masturbation is one of the most unhealthiest activities men do. Masturbation weakens the immune system, it can create constipation (even create chronic constipation), it corrupts the digestive system, it disturbs the functions of the blood, it negatively affects hormones, it weakens the sex organs and pelvic muscles, it creates diseases in the body. Later you may start getting aches and pains anywhere in the body and diseases cropping up.


1. CLITORIS: Indeed, the clitoris was created for pleasure, but since it is an incredibly sensitive organ which has a huge number of nerve endings, its prolonged direct stimulation at the same rate and in the same way can result in a temporary desensitization.
You may feel that you have lost the ability to be aroused and reach orgasm, but after a while, everything will return to normal.
A loss of sensitivity for a longer period can be caused by menopause, breastfeeding, taking hormonal contraceptives, etc.
If you are very concerned, you can always turn to an experienced sexologist for help.


25. Masturbation makes you weak, it spends more energy and burns your calorie

24. Masturbation creates nervousness and neurological problems

23. Masturbation is a main cause for erectile dysfunction.

22. Masturbation addicts you even if you taste it for one time. Controlling it is a very big menace.

21. Masturbation creates drowsiness; you will be sleeping most of the time after ejaculation of your sperm. You will experience a damn tired.

20. Masturbation causes stress and strain in your mind and soul.

19. Masturbation also affects us psychologically; it creates depression after ejaculation and makes one to feel bad on his own.

18. Getting red hot while masturbating will give a bad name in your surroundings and it is indecent too.

17. Masturbation cannot be done simply, it needs to see, touch, indulge or at least think of a sexual practice/ sex organs of the opposite sex. This is more harmful that the image in your memory that you see could not be erased easily. This will lead you to a noxious problem that you cannot see any girl/ lady/ women without a single thought i.e., sex.

16. Masturbation creates an urge to do indefinitely; it doesn’t see the place, people and culture. It makes you to fell in a worse sexual problem if chance knocks the door.

15. Masturbation leads you to illegal contacts because the urge increases day by day and finally will lead to the search of a source for sexual pleasure.

14. Masturbation is the main reason for speedy sperm release during sexual intercourse. It will create dissatisfaction to you and to your wife.

13. Over masturbation reduces your sperm count. Couples who desire to get pregnant should not masturbate.

12. Seminal fluid that gets released on masturbation contains proteins that are needed for many metabolic activities and cell formations. Proteins are the building blocks of our body; ejaculation often will create you to be lean and distracts your metabolism of muscle building.

11. Ethically masturbation is wrong; you think of X/Y and do sex of your own. This hinders your values and respect on others. May be you are good in all other regard but will end up in a great problem if not concerned to stop this habit.

10. Masturbation wastes your time and makes you useless.

9. The pleasure of masturbation never lasts for a long time.

8. Masturbation creates more problems as you lose your memory and thought provoking ability.

7. Masturbation is not the end for your desire; you may be fooled by your own practice. It will never give you a solution or a satisfaction but seems that it gives.

6. It is not needed in any way to your sexual life that it has to be practiced without fail.

5. Guys who masturbate will lose interest in sex with their wife very soon. They can’t feel pleasurable for a long time.

4. Masturbation induces homosexuals in schools, colleges and hostels. Many times the latter creates sexually transmitted diseases like VD, syphilis, AIDS etc.,

3. Decreased sexual sensitivity

2. Disrupting daily life, cause them to miss work, school, or important social events

1. EDEMA: If men frequently masturbate within a short space of time, they may experience a slight swelling of the penis called an edema. This swelling usually disappears within a couple of days.

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