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LADIES: How To Act on Your Wedding Night

How To Act on Your Wedding Night

The wedding night is a great day for so many people who are certainly in love with each other.

It's perfectly okay not to have sex, and instead use the wedding night to reconnect, cuddle, and fall asleep.

    According to my experience as a therapist, i have come across so many issues related to the "WEDDING NIGHT" and that's why i decided to write this post to enlighten and educate my readers and followers on how their wedding night should be. I expect you all to share this post after reading it to enlighten and educate other people too.

    Men complain to me about how their wives don't respond to their touches and romance, they complain of how their wives just seat back and wait for them to do all the touching and romance.


1. Lying Down Like A Stick While Your Husband Touches You:  According to my experience, it annoys men when they touch and romance their wives and she just lie down, enjoying the touch with intense pleasure without giving back what she is enjoying. To make the game fair, you are to touch back your husband while he touches you, do whatever he does to you, grab him like he grabs you, e.t.c. You are to participate in the love making instead of just expecting him to do all the romance. These are some of the qualities classified as "GOD IN BED" by men. So if you want to be good in bed and please your husband, you should do more and exact of the factors i listed above.

2. Stop Thinking About Your Body: Some of us are embarrassed to display our body to our spouse because of some stretch marks, rashes or we believe our body is not fresh enough. Don't get obsessed about your body as you approach your wedding. Maybe you want to fit into the bridal dress you have always dreamt about or maybe you want to be "just perfect" for your husband on the wedding night. Whatever be the reason may be, your best approach would be to let it go!

    Let's face it, obsessing about body only heightens anxiety that can ruin one of the best days of your life. And in case you do end up getting intimate on the wedding night, you will not have fun if you are too self-conscious.

3. Don't Go In Expecting Sex: For most women, the wedding day is the culmination of a marathon that can leave them exhausted. It's also an emotionally draining experience. Men have it easy! After all, they don't have to go through the trauma of selecting a well-fitting bridal wear!

    Jokes apart, it's a long road to marriage for the husband and wife and it is likely you are both too tired to create magic between the sheets like champs.

4. Don't Be Caught Unprepared: There are a million things that can go wrong on the wedding day or the wedding night. You could develop an allergy, get a major headache, suffer from indigestion, or forget to take your prescription pills. You may also end up with an unplanned pregnancy if you are not prepared.

    Remember to put together a kit with all the "emergency" medications and supplies that you can easily access on your wedding night. Put one of your relatives or friends in charge of ensuring you have everything you need.

5. Avoid Negative Feedback From Friends: It is scientifically proven that positive thoughts, words and actions can help you create a bond with your spouse. Treat your spouse like he can do no wrong on your wedding day.

    Avoid mentioning all the incidents that portray your spouse or her relatives / friends in poor light as long as they have not committed a murder on your wedding day and you two are now happily married, keep your thoughts positive and make sure you have only good things to say.

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Video of the day. . .👇
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